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June 2019

The baseball team in a slump

The baseball team was in a terrible batting slump.
So, the manager wanted them to practice more, and set up the pitching machine and told them to each take a turn.
The pitching machine had a no-hitter that day.

A gorilla goes into a bar

A gorilla enters a bar, sits down on a bar stool.
The bartender, not wanting to upset the gorilla with questions, merely asks, “What’ll you have?”
The gorilla says, “I’d like a martini.”
The bartender sets down his drink, and the gorilla hands him a $20 bill.
Thinking the gorilla won’t know the difference, the bartender gives him a $1 bill for his change.
Then, to make conversation, the bartender says, “You know, we don’t get many gorillas who come here.”
“I’m not surprised,” answers the gorilla. “At $19 a drink.”