Starting a discussion

A shy young man, a freshman in college, created enough courage to get a date with the love of his life.
But, he was unsure of what they would talk about on this date, as he feared he might not make a good impression without something to talk about.
So, he consulted with a neighbor, an elderly fellow who had good sense and was friendly with the lad.
After explaining that it was his first date, and one with a really nice girl, and that he didn’t want there to be any embarrassing lulls, he asked, “If we don’t just talk without a problem, and there’s an uncomfortable silence, I need some suggestions on what to bring up to talk about.”
“Well,” said the old gent, “You could talk about relatives. And if that doesn’t work, you could bring up the subject of love,and if you don’t have success with that, you could bring up a philosophical question to discuss.”
So,at the appointed time, he picked up his date, and they walked to a nearby park to stroll for awhile, and when they sat down at a bench, they were both silent.
Thinking of the advice from his neighbor, he turned to the young lady and asked, “Do you have an uncle? She told him no. So, he figured, that takes care of the relative discussion, and he turned
to her again and asked, “Do you love pickles?” Again she answered no, and he figured that the discussion about love had now come to an end.
The last suggested topic was a philosophical discussion, so he turned to her again and said, “If you had an uncle, would he love pickles?”

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