A problem in class

It was a third grade classroom, and the teacher noticed a small puddle in the front of the room on the floor.
Being Diplomatic, she pointed out the puddle to the class, and brought in a bucket and a mop placing it near the puddle.
Then she said that whoever did it should clean it up, but everyone would close their eyes so that the person would not be identified.

“OK, Class,” she said. “Whoever did this can clean it up while all of you close your eyes, and don’t peek.”
Soon, they could hear a chair moving, and some footsteps to the front, and movement of the bucket and the mop, and after a few moments, the footsteps went back to it’s seat.
“OK, Class,” said the teacher, “let’s inspect the job that was done.”
But, surprise, surprise, the puddle was still there….and there was a second puddle not far from the first. There was also a piece of paper near by, so the teacher picked it up and read what was written on it.
It said, “The Phantom Strikes again.”

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