A visit with the Pope

A gent is in his barber’s chair when the barber asks him what’s going on in his life.
“Glad you asked,” said the gent. I’m flying to Rome this weekend for a short vacation.”
“What airline are you taking?” asked the barbar.
“El Italia airlines.”
“Oh, that’s a terrible airline says the hair clipper, “The flights are bumpy, the stewardesses are ugly and the food is inedible. What will you be doing in Rome?”
“I’m planning to visit the Pope.”
“This is a terrible time to visit Rome with their terrible weather, and the Pope, if he’s still in town, will be impossible to see with thousands of others waiting in line. I’m sorry to tell you this, but it won’t be a good trip.”
The gent left, and 4 weeks later returned for his haircut again.
“So, how was your trip to Rome?” asked the barber.
“Fabulous, the airline ride was smooth, served great food by gorgeous stewardesses. The weather was great and the Pope was in town. I arranged for a personal visit with the Pope, and it was an exciting experience.”
“Really,” answered the barber, “and what did the Pope have to say?”
“Well,” said the gent, “when I bent over to kiss his ring, he said, ‘Where did you get that lousey haircut?'”

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