Grounds for divorce`

Redneck Billy Bob went to see Lawyer Leroy to get a divorce.
“So,” said Lawyer Leroy, “What grounds do you have?”
Billy Bob answered, “What are grounds?”
“That’s the reasons you can get a divorce.”
“Oh, yeah,” said Billy Bob. “I got reasons.”
“well,” said Lawyer Leroy, “tell me what you got, and I’ll look it
up in the law book here.”
“OK. Reason number one: I got home early the other night, and she
was sittin’ on the couch with a strange man and close together, too.”
“Hmm, mused Lawyer Leroy, “Let me look in the law book here.” So he
began flipping pages and saying, “Sittin’ close together, Sittin’ close together.”
Then after a few moments of this, and flipping through the law book, Lawyer Leroy
said, “I’m sorry Billy Bob, but sittin’ close together ain’t a reason to get a divorce,
according to the law book. What else do you have?”
Then Billy Bob said, “He was whispering something in her ear.”
“Oh, maybe you got something there,” said Lawyer Leroy, and he again checked the law
book, flipping through the pages and saying, “Whispering in her ear, whispering in her
ear.” Then he closed the law book and said, “I’m sorry, Billy Bob, but whispering in
her ear ain’t no grounds for divorce. What else have you got?”
“Well, he had his hand on her knee,” answered Billy Bob.
“Now, maybe you got something there. Let me check the law book,” said Lawyer Leroy.
Then he began looking through the lawbook repeating the words, “Hand on the knee, hand
on the knee.”
“I’m sorry, Billy Bob, but hand on the knee ain’t no grounds for divorce, but I’ll tell
you what we can do.”
“You go back there and get his hand off her knee and have him put his foot there, and
we’ll get him for trespassing.”

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