In Spanish the letter J is pronounced like a Y.

In San Diego, CA, if you learn the names of the streets, you’ll learn Spanish.
A visitor to San Diego has a terrible time at first, until he or she learns the pronunciations.
One day, for example, a visitor from New York was asked by a San Diegan, “What have you seen so far as you tour San Diego?”
Pronouncing the J’s as we do in English, he said, “I’ve been to La Jolla, El Cajon, and drove to Jamacha.”
“The San Diegan said, “Here in San Diego we pronounce the J’s like a Y. It’s La Hoya, El Cahone, and Hamashaw.”
“Oh, I see,” said the Easterner, “thanks for telling me.”
“That’s ok, I made the same mistake when I first moved here. By the way, how long will you be staying here?”
He answered, “Oh, until Hune or Huly.”

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