Question for God

A man of the cloth was visiting a hospital for the insane, as was his custom, to talk to some of the inmates to help where he could.
“Any new residents,?” asked the holy man.
“Yes,” said the administrator. “We have a new man who thinks he’s God.”
“Oh, I’d like to talk to him,” stated the visitor, and so it was arranged.
Facing the new resident, the man of the cloth said to him, “I’m really happy to meet you. I have a question I’d like to ask you.”
“What is it,my son,” answered the man who thought he was God.
“In the bible it is written that you built the earth in one day., as well as a number of other creations in one day. My question is this: When it said one day, was that a 24 hour day, or a much longer period of time called as ‘one day/'”
“I’m sorry,” answered The inmate “but, I am on vacation right now, and when I’m on vacation, I don’t like to talk shop.”

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