The man who could tell what was in a drink

A man walked into a bar, strode up to the bartender and said, “You can mix any kind of a drink, and
I can tell exactly what’s in it. If I’m right, I won’t have to pay for it. That’s my deal.”
The bartender said, “Ok, you’re on. but, if you’re wrong you pay.”
So, he mixed a drink with several ingredients and presented it to the customer.
The gentleman sipped it a bit and thought, and then said, “I taste a bit of Black and White Scotch, and there’s
a splash of Jack Daniels, and quite a bit of Johnny Walker.”
The bartender was amazed, and said, “That’s right. Do you want to try another?”
The drinker nodded, and was served a second drink.
“Hmmm,” he intoned, “I taste some Khalua, a bit of Taquila, and the rest is Vodka.”
“Wow, that was great,” said the bartender, and went back and filled a glass with water.
He handed it to the expert, who tasted it several times, and finally said, “I don’t know
what this is, but I can tell you one thing about it. It’ll never sell.”

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