The two baseball fans from San Diego

Two baseball fans from San Diego died and were sent to hell for other sins.
It was hot down there, but the San Diego fellows were enjoying the heat, and were romping around with great pleasure.
“How come this heat we have here isn’t bothering you?” asked the Devil.
“We’re from San Diego, and we’re used to this kind of temperature.
So, Satan turned the heat up a couple of notches, and they were still enjoying it.
“How can you be enjoying this temperature?” asked Satan.
“Well we go to the desert a lot and are used to this,” they answered.
“OK then, I’ll make it cold,”sneered the Devil. “In fact I’ll make it freezing ’cause I know you’re not used to that.”
And the devil turned off the heat and made it freeze.
But, still the boys were jumping around and doing hi fives with shouts of joy.
“Humph,” said the devil, “What are you so happy about in this freezing temperature?”
“Because the Padres will be going to the World Series. All the pundits have said that they will be going to the world series when hell freezes over.”

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