Where did you get a name like that?

A Jewish man advanced to a card table set up in front of Canter’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles. Behind the card table was a
man registering Voters.
Thus, when the prospective voter sat down in front of the table, he was asked, “So, what’s you name?”
The gentleman answered, “C.F. Beverly.”
“Where did you get a name like that?” asked the registrar.
“Well,” said the prospective voter, “When all my friends were changing their names, I decided to change mine, too. I thought
about it for weeks. It even kept me up at night as I thought about it, since I wanted a name that was distinctive. Then,
one day as I was walking down the street on a beautiful day, I looked up and noticed the sign with the street name on it.
Beverly Blvd. the sign read, and right then and there I decided that that was the name for me.”
So, asked the interviewer, “What does the C.F. stand for?”
The voter announced proudly, Corner Fairfax.

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