An older man who had only a few weeks to live, according to his doctor, decided that he wouuld try to take the money he had
with him to the grave. He had saved $30,000.
So, he packed up the money into 3 packages, and took one to a minister, one to a priest, and one to a rabbi.
He explained to each that when he died, they were to attend the funeral, and deposit their consignment in the casket before it
was sealed. He did not explain what was in the items.
And, so the event occurred. The three men of the cloth deposited their items in the casket, and the casket was closed.
Please note: You can set this up so that any of the 3 clergymen will be the final speaker.
About 3 months later, one called one of the others, and said, “You know, I opened my package and was shocked to discover
that it contained $10,000. I’m calling you to say that I took out a thousand of it, a mere 10% for the poor in my congregation.”
“Well,” answered the other, “don’t feel bad, I did the same thing. Why don’t we visit the other one of us and see what he did.”
So, they went and visited the third clergyman, and told them what they did.
“You did What?” said the 3rd member of the group. “You violated your sacred vows as a man of God, and kept some of that
money.” And, he went on and on humbling the others completely embarrassing them.
Then he said, “I deposited all of the money. As a matter of fact, I wrote my own personal check for the entire $10,000.

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