The army way

A new recruit was trying to locate his new assigned battalion orderly room and was
checking the area out when he passed a Lieutenant. The officer stopped him and said,
“Are you new here, soldier?”
The recruit answered, yes sir, I am, but I was looking for the 5th Battalion Orderly Room.
“Don’t you realize that when you pass an officer you have to salute?”
“Well, yes, I did,” said the private, “but I wasn’t sure how or when to do it, and I
was distracted looking for the 5th battalion.
“What’s your name, soldier?” responded the Lt.
“John,” he answered.
“Don’t you know the army way is to use last names. I don’t yell out Philip to find
a particular soldier. I would use his last name, like Thompson, or Jones, or Gilly,
or whatever his last name is. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir,” he responded.
“So,” said the Lt., “What’s your last name?”
“Darling,” stated the new comer.
The Lt. stammered a moment, and then said, “So, John, check into your battalion right
there get your barracks assignment.”

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