The Geni in North Korea

The American Secretary of State finally had a meeting with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. They were walking
along the shoreline not far from the Villa where they were staying, and the weather was nice and calm. As they
walked along the beach, they both noticed a bottle that was washing ashore, and Kim reached down and picked it up.
He uncorked the bottle, and lo and behold a geni jumped out and offered each of the two men one wish.
The young leader of North Korea said, “I would like to have a high brick wall built around the entire N. Korea area,
along the Chinese border down to the DMZ and along both edges facing the sea. I’d like it impenetrable and at least
15 feet high.”
The Geni said, “Granted,” and a high brick wall appeared before their eyes around the country.
“Done,” said the Geni, and turning to the American, asked, “And, what is your wish?”
“Fill it with water,” he said.

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