The Seeing Eye Dogs

Three friends are walking their dogs, when they pass a small cafe. One man says, “Say, how about we go in the cafe for a cup of coffee?”
Fred answers, “They don’t allow dogs in there.”
“Well,” says Jack, “Let’s tell them that they’re seeing eye dogs.’
“OK,” says Bill, “I’m game.”
So Fred goes in first. The man at the door says, “Sorry, no dogs allowed.”
“But,” says Fred, “This is a seeing eye dog.” So the man lets him in.
Then Bill goes in with his dog and again the guy at the door says that dogs are not allowed in.
So, Bill explains that it’s a seeing eye dog, and is admitted.
Then Jack enters, and once again he is stopped about not allowing dogs.
Wanting to join his friends, Jack says, “This is a seeing eye dog.”
The guard says, “A Chihuahua is a seeing eye dog? I’ve never heard of it.”
Jack replies, “ That’s what they gave me?

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