Whitewashing the church

The committee met to discuss the condition of the church.
“I think the church needs a face lift,” said one member, “and we should start with a fresh white washing.”
“I agree, but we’ll need a lot of help,” said another.
“I’ll round up a bunch of volunteers,” said another, “and I think I can get enough helpers.”
So, it was arranged, the white wash was purchased, and a volunteer crew with brushes were all set to go.
But, as they brushed on the paint, they noticed that they were going to run out of white wash before they were finished, so it was ordered to add water to the paint, and continue working. Now there should be enough to finish the job.
But, when they were finished, a heavy rainstorm flushed the walls of the church, and most of the white wash was rinsed away.
“The workers all looked up to the sky, and in unison said, “What do we do now?”
A voice came thundering out of the heavens and said, “Repaint you Thinners, and Thin no more.”

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